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MyGamePlan is looking for a full-stack developer to become part of our growing development team. At MyGamePlan, we are building a user-focused application for professional football clubs & players to analyse the style of play of their opponent and track their performance, enabling them the best GamePlan possible.

Our technology stack 📟

  • Front-End: React, React Native, Atlassian UI

  • Back-End:  NodeJS, ExpressJS

  • Database: MongoDB

  • Data Engineering: Python

  • Error Monitoring: Sentry

  • Cloud Providers: Vercel, Heroku, Expo

  • Product Management: Notion

  • CI / CD: Vercel, GitHub


As a Full Stack Developer at MyGamePlan, you will 💼

  • Develop and document our web platform & application

  • Build robust and performant solutions

  • Work closely with the co-founding team using scrum inspired development cycles

We would love to hear from you if you 🤩

  • Have >= 3 years of experience with React, NodeJS and MongoDB or other NoSQL databases

  • Are enthusiastic about testing code to ensure robustness

  • Are willing to learn new technologies and frameworks

  • Speak English

  • Have a passion for football

Bonus points, if you 🙌

  • Have DevOps experience

  • Have TypeScript experience

  • Have experience using Python for data analysis

What we can offer 💯

  • A lot of responsibility, since we are in the early stages of a startup

  • Flexible working hours

  • Competitive salary

  • The extras you need to be able to perform

Why should you join MyGamePlan now? 🚀

  • The world of sport & football analytics is currently a hyper-growth market

  • We have launched our beta version in November 2021

  • Our start-up is trusted by imec.istart, Start It @ KBC & VLAIO

  • The coming year will be the most important period in MyGamePlan’s lifetime

  • We are a small team of young, energetic people looking to revolutionize the way teams and players prepare for their next match

  • We are currently working together with multiple professional clubs

The team 🙌

We aim to be an inclusive environment, which is why we welcome everyone (even if the job description is not a 100% match).


If you are interested in this opening, send your application to

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