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Opponent Insights

Often teams struggle to use data efficiently in their opponent analysis, because it's difficult to get relevant insights of your opponent, with default metrics. 

At MyGamePlan we help you to create custom insights off on-the-ball and off-the-ball events linked to video.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Assess effortlessly the strengths and weaknesses of your next opponent with the use of AI. All insights come with a video playlist where you can select the required phases of the game.

Shot Analysis.png
OA Overview.png

Custom Insights

Based on your GamePlan you can weekly get the most relevant clips and data patterns of your next opponent, with a strength score so you can estimate the possible danger. 

Share with Players

Whether you want to automatically share information with the mobile application of the players or present the insights in a presentation, both are possible with MyGamePlan


Custom Dashboards

If a specific aspect of the game is important for your GamePlan you can make a custom dashboard, in under a minute. 

Based on the detailed filtering you can prepare yourself for the details that decide the outcome of a football game. 

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