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Customer Case Study: Behind Almere City's Success: Max Buis Talks Football Analysis and MyGamePlan

Last season, Almere City made history by earning their first-ever promotion to the Dutch Eredivisie, the highest division in the Netherlands. During the preparation of the new season we talked to Video Analyst Max Buis about his experience using the MyGamePlan platform.

How has MyGamePlan helped you improve your analysis?

Max pointed out how MyGamePlan has primarily improved standard situations in their analysis. He mentioned, "The platform helps in understanding where the first balls are being played, whether they reach their intended destination, and whether it's towards the first or second post." Additionally, when studying opponent teams, he cited their match against ADO Den Haag: "We noticed in the data and video that they played long balls quite quickly." This keen observation assists in understanding whether the opponent prefers to build their game or opts for quicker long ball tactics. This enables us to conclude whether they like to keep the ball for build-up or not.

How does MyGamePlan fit in your current workflow?

MyGamePlan's versatility stands out, offering detailed player tracking, opponent analysis, player-specific insights, and team insights. However, Max's core concentration is opponent analysis. "About three weeks prior to a match, our preparations kick into high gear. We compare match videos with statistics drawn from MyGamePlan, validating them against our assistant coach's insights. This collaborative methodology crystallizes our action plan," Max shared. To stay ahead of the competition, Max is a frequent user: “In my workflow, I try to take a look at the platform at least 3 times a week.”

What is the most important thing you want to see from the opponent?

When asked about the critical aspects he's looking for in an opponent, Max emphasized formation and gameplay style. "It's essential to identify if they play short passes, opt for long balls quickly, or prefer passes through the midfield. For instance, from player stats, you could once deduce if Sneijder or van der Vaart, in their prime, often played to the striker or preferred the flanks."

How has MyGamePlan helped you save time and improve efficiency?

On the topic of time-saving and efficiency, Max acknowledged that MyGamePlan hasn't necessarily reduced the time spent on analysis. Still, it has unquestionably enhanced the quality of his work. "We still do manual work on video analysis, but MyGamePlan offers an additional layer of information," he shared.

How has MyGamePlan helped you convey your findings to coaches?

Max praised MyGamePlan for its integrative approach in blending data with visuals, making it easier to present findings to coaches. He explained, "Unlike other data services that offer just numbers, MyGamePlan allows you to click on data points and see the corresponding video footage." This feature is especially beneficial when discussing strategies with coaches, providing a holistic view of their gameplan.

Would you recommend MyGamePlan to other video analysts?

While Max is interested in the platform's future plans for performance trackers, he emphasized the importance of wide-angle camera. "Some leagues already incorporate this view, but we're hoping to see more of it soon," Max noted.

When questioned about the contribution of MyGamePlan to their success, Max was affirmative. "It has definitely played a part in our achievements," he affirmed.


The role of technology in football is undeniable. Platforms like MyGamePlan are not just reshaping the way analysts work but are also enhancing the quality of their analyses. Our conversation with Max Buis underscores the importance of integrating data with visuals, ensuring strategies are not just data-driven but also rooted in the game's real-time dynamics.


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