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Revolutionize Your Football Team's Communication with MyGamePlan's Video Share Feature

Date - 05/05/2023

Many Analysts we speak to are tired of spending hours uploading, clipping, downloading and sharing videos to your players and staff members. Due to limited time, analysts generally can't process all the relevant content that needs to be shared to staff and players during a gameweek.😕

At MyGamePlan, we understand that communicating game principles and tracking player development is essential for success on the field. That's why we've developed our Video Share feature, which allows you to share videos with your players and staff members in a matter of seconds. 📹📲

With our platform, you can set up a simple automation workflow or share videos ad hoc when you see specific videos in our platform. Players receive the videos directly in their mobile app, eliminating the need to download and send videos via WhatsApp as a lot of clubs do. Plus, you can share videos with other staff members directly, making collaboration and communication more efficient. 🤝

Video showing how to share a single video to a player using the MyGamePlan Platform

Here are 3 reasons why more Video Sharing is beneficial:

1️⃣ Communicating Game Principles: With Video Share, coaches can easily share videos that demonstrate game principles and strategies with their players. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and helps players understand their role in the team.

2️⃣ Track & Improve Player Development: By sharing individual player videos, coaches can track their performance over time and identify areas for improvement. This data-driven approach to player development helps players develop their skills and ensures that the team is performing at a high level.

3️⃣ Making your Opponent Analysis more effective: With Video Share, coaches can easily share videos of their opponents with their players and staff members. This helps everyone understand the strengths and weaknesses of the other team and their direct opponent, which is essential for developing effective tactics and strategies.

At MyGamePlan, we're passionate about helping football clubs achieve their goals through data-driven analytics and efficient communication. Our Video Share feature saves you time and ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to game principles, player development, and opponent analysis

Example of how a Player Receives there videos, both specific videos and automated videos like Successful Corners of the next opponent.

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