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The Future of Football Analytics: MyGamePlan's Vision for the Next Decade

Date - 15/06/2023

Football analytics has come a long way since the days of simple stats like goals, assists, and shots on target. The use of data in football has become an integral part of decision making and game preparation. At MyGamePlan, we are at the forefront of football analytics, and we want to share our vision for the next decade with you.

Soccer ball in a futuristic setting with purple lighting

At MyGamePlan we envision that the main part of football analysis will be automated, ensuring that all team members, whether it’s the coaches, assistants, and players, can easily access all the data and video needed to make decisions without any difficulty. Imagine the game is played and you immediately have a scorecard with all your principles as a coach, all your videos in the right playlists as an analyst, and all clips about what was good and what could improve for the next game as a player. Or even have that live during the game. It will make life easier for the staff and it will give ownership to the players in a way they can digest the information, which ultimately leads to something we all want: better football.

The MyGamePlan way

Here's how MyGamePlan is revolutionizing the way teams approach football analytics:

  • Automation: With our MyGamePlan app, teams can now automate the process of sending video clips to players and tracking their performance. It's done minutes after the game, and players receive a notification where they can analyze all their clips and data related to the game.

  • Performance Tracking over time: We can track more complex principles each week based on user feedback combined with the ever-growing possibilities of tracking data.

  • Data Provider Agnostic: Our platform uses any event, tracking data and video source your club is currently using and combines this into 1 platform. Enabling clubs with their own data sources to leverage in-depth data analytics and automation plugins will be key in the coming years.

  • Player communication: Our app enables players to see how they scored on the tasks of the coach and helps them take a look at their last game video and data or analyze their next opponent.

Infographic image showing how multiple football data sources are combined into 1 solution called MyGamePlan

In conclusion, MyGamePlan is shaping the future of football analytics with our vision for the next decade. Through automation, performance tracking, data source compatibility, and seamless player communication, we are revolutionizing how teams leverage data for success. Join us on this journey to unlock your team's full potential, empower your players, and embrace the power of data-driven decision making. Experience the future of football analytics with MyGamePlan today.


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