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  • Can I create my own metrics? And how specific are they really?
    Yes, you can. With our Natural Language Form you can create your custom metrics without any data knowledge needed. If needed we can always assist in that process where you explain what you want to create, so we can create it for you and explain how we did. We aim to automate all your specific metrics. Even if it involves off the ball actions and running actions we can make them with combination of event and tracking data, directly linked to video. Some examples: When the opponent is in build-up I want my center forward to press the left central defender when in possession. I want my midfielders to close down the pass line to the opponent midfielders when the opponent central defenders are in build-up. I want my attacking midfielder to be in the box when we are in possession in the final third.
  • What’s the main benefit of using MyGamePlan?
    Our users are using MyGamePlan to automate their performance analysis workflows and save time track the individual progression of their players and their IDP's take better decisions driven by customised data reports If you want to see more examples and use cases you can click on your role on the homepage of our website.
  • Can I also use MyGamePlan as an amateur team?
    Unfortunately not yet. We need at least event data and video to automate your processes and give you insight. If you have that available as an amateur team you can start using MyGamePlan.
  • Where does the data come from?
    We have two options. If you as a club have your own event and / or tracking data feed, we can use this in the Platform and the PlayerApp. If you don't have your own event or tracking data we can use our own feed we have from our data partners.
  • Does this include wide angle video or broadcast video?
    You can use the video in the Platform and The PlayerApp you have access to. So both wide angle video as broadcast is possible.
  • Do I still have to manually upload the video?
    No, we believe in automating the process. We automatically link the data with the video without any manual upload necessary. Also the creating of playlists and sending of videos is an automated process with MyGamePlan with you deciding what is automatically sent.
  • How long after the game are the videos available?
    It depends on when the video is available on the server or storage it's hosted. You have to calculate 30-40 minutes after the video is available for you, it's available in the Platform and PlayerApp in your playlists and dashboards.
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