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Individual Player Development

IDP often gets overshadowed by clubs because it's never the highest priority, which is winning the next game. Yet, the players are the biggest asset of the club. A clear strategy and process can gain a club millions a year in outgoing transfers.  

Style Of Play

Before we assign an individual development plan to a player, we need to make sure that our system fully grasps the goal of the club and the style of play of the coach. 

Within the six phases of football we want to know what is expected from each line, so we can create metrics based on event & tracking data.

Team Style of Play.png

Player Profiles

After we know what is expected of the team in each of the six phases, we can create an individual plan for each player based on his position and the positional requirements. 

Specific Metrics

Every coach expects different things from their players, therefore we need to be able to use the available raw event & tracking data to create a metric that suffices for the coach.


Another hurdle with IDP is the manual effort it takes, updating metrics and uploading & sharing videos. We automate this process to make sure that you don't have to update anything.

AI Prediction

Based on historical data and the Player Profiles we can create a prediction of the player pathway and link this to possible transfer opportunities.

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