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Sporting Director

Manage with inspired confidence

Empower yourself with our comprehensive suite of executive dashboards. Analyze team performance, manage finances, and strategize for success—all in one place.


Understand and Elevate Your Team’s Game

Team Performance and Benchmarking

With MyGamePlan, tracking your team’s performance has never been easier or more insightful. Dive into comprehensive analytics that cover every aspect of your team’s play, from possession and passing accuracy to defensive solidity and attacking prowess.


Plus, benchmark your team’s performance against others in the league or across different competitions, identifying areas of strength and potential improvement to stay competitive.

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Unlock Player Potential and Strive for Excellence

Player Performance and Benchmarking

Our platform provides an in-depth analysis of each player’s performance, helping you understand their contribution to the team and areas that need focus. Evaluate your players against best-in-class standards, ensuring they are meeting and exceeding the highest levels of excellence.


Foster a culture of continuous improvement, and help your players reach their full potential with data-driven insights and personalized performance metrics.

Strategic Management of Your Valuable Assets

Financial Asset Analysis

In football, players are not just athletes; they are crucial financial assets. MyGamePlan helps you meticulously analyze the financial aspects of managing your squad, from salary distributions and contract negotiations to transfer market valuations.


Ensure the financial stability of your team, make informed investment decisions in player acquisitions, and optimize your squad's value with a strategic approach to financial management.

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