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Streamline Workflows

Utilize automated processes to enhance efficiency across all team operations. Focus on what matters most—supporting your players and contributing to the team’s success.

Drive Success with Data-Driven Insights

Analyze Team Performance

Elevate your team’s performance by harnessing the power of comprehensive analytics with MyGamePlan. Delve into in-depth analyses of various metrics, from overall team strategies to specific in-game behaviors, ensuring that every aspect of your team’s play is scrutinized and optimized.


Create a winning strategy, enhance team dynamics, and foster a competitive edge by translating data into actionable game plans.

Web platform image highlighting the ability for analysts to track team principles using a combination of event and tracking data, either by using their own data or by accessing provided data and video sources. Custom trackers can be created to monitor individual or team-level principles.

Foster Growth with Personalized Insights

Analyze Player Performance and Share Feedback

With MyGamePlan, evaluating individual player performances and providing constructive feedback has never been more straightforward. Utilize our intuitive platform to track players’ progress, identify areas for development, and share personalized insights to drive improvement.


Enhance communication and engagement with players, ensuring they have the support and knowledge they need to excel on and off the field.

Strategize and Succeed with Automated Intelligence

Systematically Evaluate Opponents

Stay ahead of the competition by utilizing MyGamePlan’s automated processes for comprehensive opponent analysis. Our platform streamlines the evaluation of upcoming adversaries, providing you with crucial data and insights to formulate winning strategies.


Efficiently analyze opponent tendencies, strengths, weaknesses, and key players, ensuring your team is fully prepared and primed for success in every match.

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