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Strategic Planning

Regarding the goal you want to achieve or the process you support using data, it always starts with your goals.

Whether it's aiming for victory or not relegating, this 3 - 5 year plan is a crucial basis to start your scouting strategy, opponent analysis, individual player development, and post-game analysis.

Start with your goals in mind

What is the club's goal in 3 to 5 years? Whether it is to promote, not relegate, sell players, or win the Champions League, this translates into all your processes and therefore also into the way you use data. 


Style of Play Analysis

Based on your goals and historical data of the past 10 seasons, we analyze the success stories of clubs in the past that already reached the goals you want to achieve.

Monitor Progress

As an executive it's hard to monitor all the available data and processes because of scattered information.


With our custom insights, you can monitor if the club is still on track to reach your goals, whether it's on a tactical, financial or commercial level.

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