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Bayer Leverkusen collaborates with MyGamePlan to strive for Bundesliga Succes

Bayer Leverkusen, the current number one in the German Bundesliga, embraces innovation. 

They have a clear vision, style of play and count on MyGamePlan to measure this in an objective way.

Translating this to scouting profiles, they will take the next step to connect the analysis with the scouting team

This is MyGamePlan

While football clubs accumulate millions of data, it often resides across different departments and platforms. As an executive it's hard to keep track of all this, therefore we combine and centralize all data in one tool to keep track of your goals, so you never miss an opportunity again.

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We use (artificial) intelligence to extract actionable insights from your data, empowering directors with the information needed to make informed decisions

Executive Dashboard

We use historical data in your league to identify success stories for your 3 - 5 year club goals.

If it's promotion, winning the league or not relegating, we let the data suggest possible strategies and provide you with a tool to monitor progress.

Increase Players Asset Value

Players are the assets of a club. We help to automate and monitor this individual progress based on the club's style of play.

Scouting & Recruitment

Each club is different, we provide a tool so you can find the perfect match for your player profiles. 

We help to create scouting profiles based on your style of play and scout players that meet these criteria on a tactical, physical and mental level.

Opponent Insights

Based on your style of play we provide you with must-know insights about your next opponent already connected to a video playlist.

Live Analysis

During the game, there are too many crucial events for the human eye, therefore we assist you with an AI assistant.

Executive insights for professional football clubs

MyGamePlan is the only football data platform with insights on an executive level. Our dashboards and reports support day-to-day decision-making, leading to successful strategy execution. Let your data work for you.

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Trusted by the industry

Join the Winning League with MyGamePlan!


Customer Stories

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Mandela Keita

@ Royal Antwerp

Immediately after the game I have all my videos and data so I can improve my performance each week

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Victor Boniface

@ Bayer 04 Leverkusen

I have been using the app for over a year and it is an easy way for me to watch all my actions from previous match. The club can also add videos from the next opponent

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James Young
Head of Data & Analysis

@ Sunderland AFC

We believe in the importance of performance data and video in modern football. MyGamePlan helps us automate and track our player development plans

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Cody Gakpo

@ Liverpool

MyGamePlan is a great app for players to take their career in their own hands. It gives me everything I need from video to data to improve my game

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Dennis van der Meulen
Technical Analyst

@ CD Castellón

At our club we love to embrace innovation. We use MyGamePlan for our match preparation, post match analysis and our communication to players

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Rick Mennes
Performance Analyst

@ Willem II

I would 100% recommend. I think it's super useful for providing feedback to players. The accessibility of this application for players is super easy

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